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A flourishing metropolis offering world-class infrastructure, Singapore is one of the world’s leading business capitals. The sunny tropical island of Southeast Asia is home to four major communities: Chinese (majority), Malaysian, Indian and Eurasian. After breaking with Malaysia in 1965, the country moved to a system of parliamentary democracy. Singapore has a fully integrated island transportation system, a dynamic business environment and a dynamic way of life.

Process for Applying for A Student Visa:

If you wish to continue your studies in Singapore, you must first procure a letter of offer from your desired institute for the desired course. Singapore educational institutions submit the Singapore Student Pass for Indian candidates on their behalf to the Singapore Immigration and Screening Authority (ICA). Student visa applications are processed using the online application and enrolment system (SOLAR). Student visa applications must be submitted at least one month, and not more than two months, prior to the beginning of the course.

Where to Apply for A Singapore Visa?

The Singaporean High Commission no longer accepts individual applications since April 1, 2009. The Singapore visa process requires applications to be made in person to one of the Board’s authorized visa officers in Appendix A of the Board. Successful applicants can have their e-visa printed by visa officers.

The visa officers authorized by the Singapore High Commission are located in New Delhi, Western Bengal, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh and Punjab. And, if you have a local sponsor in Singapore (with a Singpass account), they can apply for your visa online in your name. Online method of payment accepts Master/ Visa; Debit/ credit cards only.

How to Book An Appointment?

There is no requirement to book an appointment with the Singapore High Commission, which no longer accepts individual applications as of April 1, 2009. Instead, you will need to make an application online or through their authorized agents, as indicated above.

Singapore Visa Eligibility

You are eligible to obtain a Singapore visa if you meet the following requirements:

  • The Singapore visa process forces you to have an offer of employment in Singapore.
  • Occupy a managerial, managerial or specialized position.
  • If you earn a fixed monthly salary of $3,600 or more (more experienced candidates require a higher salary to qualify)
  • Good academic credentials, professional qualifications or specialized skills.
  • Application for an employment card is open to all nationalities.
  • There is no list of accredited establishments for students. Each application is assessed on its merits against a wide range of criteria, including international rankings and country rankings.
  • Finally, other factors such as demonstrated background and exceptional skills are considered on a case-by-case basis.

How to find out the status of your visa process for Singapore.

You can verify your visa’s status as follows:

  • Go to the official website
  • On the left menu click ‘Check Status’
  • Click on ‘Entry Visa’
  • Go to the bottom of the page and click ‘Status Enquiry’
  • Fill in your details and click ‘proceed’ to check your application status

Singapore Visa Requirements

If you would like to visit Singapore, there are some Singapore visa requirements that you will have to complete before you can enter the country. You will need to report for immigration clearance at your POE in Singapore with the following basic requirements:

  • A passport that has a minimum validity of 6 months.
  • Adequate funds for your intended stay are a basic Singapore visa requirement
  • A completed Disembarkation/Embarkation Card (D/E Card)
  • A valid Singapore Visa
  • A confirmed onward or return ticket, wherever applicable
  • Evidence that you can enter your next destination
  • A Yellow Fever Vaccination Certificate, if applicable

If you are eligible to enter Singapore, you will receive a business card that will indicate the length of stay granted. You should check your business card and how many days you can stay before leaving the control point. Another Singapore visa requirement is that during your stay in Singapore on a visit pass, you are not permitted to engage in business, professional or gainful employment activities. You also need to remember that overstaying is a punishable offense in Singapore, so if you need to stay longer, you will have to apply for an extension. You can apply online for an extension using the e-Service, or you can go to the Visitor Services Centre of the Immigration &Checkpoint Authority (ICA) before your Visit Pass expires.

Documents Required for Singapore Visa Application

A list of Singapore Visa documents is given below

  • A completed visa request form.
  • Passport valid for at least 6 months.
  • A clear copy of the first, last and any other observation page of your passport.
  • Two recent colour photos.
  • Passport copies of the invitee
  • Bank statement from the past six months.
  • Confirmation of return ticket.
  • Original covering letter including the
    • Purpose of visit,
    • Date of travel,
    • Number of passengers,
    • Details of travel itinerary,
    • Place of stay in Singapore and
    • Applicant’s employment details

Costs for Singapore visa

While the Singapore High Commission does not issue visas directly, it has authorized some officers to issue all types of visas to candidates. The Singapore visa fee to process each application is from Singapore $30. This Singapore visa fee is payable upon visa application. The Singapore visa processing fee is non-refundable, regardless of the outcome of your visa application, or even if you choose to withdraw the application after submitting it. In addition to these fees, Singapore visa fees amounting to Rs 300 can be taken by authorized visa officers for processing the visa. On the other hand, you can also apply for the Singapore visa online, but the fees for it is the same Singapore $30, and has to be paid online with a MasterCard or Visa Credit or Debit Card. This fee is also non-refundable.

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